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Turning your head

Driving at nightYears ago I was watching a 20/20 program about losing control of your vehicle while driving. They talked about how most people, who aren’t professional stunt drivers, will over-correct and eventually lose control.

They brought on a professional driver who gave advice on how to come back from a temporary loss of control. He said your hands will go in the direction your head is turned. He explained that people lose control because they set their direction with their hands instead of pointing their heads in the right direction, and then they freak out because their new direction (the one their hands took them to) wasn’t where they wanted to go.

The professional driver advised that if we simply turned our heads in the direction we wanted to go, our hands would naturally follow by turning the wheel in that direction.

Flying on autopilot

I was intrigued enough by this to remember the concept for years. I’ve since applied this philosophy to my life. You see, I’d spent years being unhappy because I was letting my mind drag me blindly on autopilot in directions that weren’t good for me. I just followed without any effort to change things and I continued to be unhappy.

Two years ago I decided to change that. I turned my head in the direction I wanted to go: happiness. To my surprise, my hands….well, my mind…followed. I started thinking more about what was making me UNhappy and started eliminating or changing them one by one. Toxic friendships, gone. Toxic thoughts, changed. Bad fitness, changed. Bad habits, gone.


lance-happyGuess what! I became a much happier person. Earlier this year, I thought “How can I apply this philosophy to my business?” I looked at things I didn’t like about it. I found that I really didn’t enjoy doing family portraits, and the thought of running a teen spokesmodel program to further my senior portraiture business was just overwhelming and unappealing. I asked “Why are you doing these things, then? You know you don’t like them, yet you continue to advertise these services.”

So I turned my head in the direction I wanted to go. I eliminated family and senior portraiture and started referring clients who wanted these services. I changed my website to reflect only those services I DID offer, and I reworked my pricing to accommodate those services.

While I’m still working toward some goals I set for myself, I’m so much happier with my business. Now I’m challenging you to do the same, both for your life and for your business. Where do you want to go? Turn your head in that direction and your energy will follow.

Lance Taylor

A former Korean translator and cyber warrior (yes, that's a real term) for the Air Force, Lance took up photography in 2002. Lover of meat, hater of cilantro, and owner of two tri-pawd dogs, he spends his time photographing clients, friends, and models. Occasionally, he writes things on Facebook, and by occasionally, he means regularly, loquaciously, and prodigiously. He attempts to have more happy days than unhappy and surrounds himself with positivity.

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