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A few weeks ago in Part One of this series, we discussed how to use the Client Life Cycle to your advantage to keep boudoir clients coming back for more. Many, if not most, of your clients are just looking for an excuse to come back for a second, or even third or fourth, session. The basic concept of the Client Life Cycle helps us see the various points in time when she’s most likely to be excited about the idea of coming back in. Now, let’s talk about how to make sure you’re there to encourage her when those times occur.

To keep your clients coming back, you need to create community.

Generally speaking, our clients are prone to crowdsourcing. Think about it: when your bridal boudoir client bought her wedding dress, did she do it by herself or ask her mom and sisters for their opinions first? When your worn out soccer mom client decides to spend a day at the spa, does she go alone or does she take her best friend? When your successful, career-oriented client decides to treat herself to a vacation, does she run off on her own or go on a cruise with her girls?

Our clients love community, and they often turn to said community to give them encouragement and even permission to splurge on luxury purchases. In order to ensure your client feels comfortable and excited about coming back for another boudoir session, it helps greatly to create a community that will cheer her on.

1. Keep In Touch

Take all of your client’s personal information when she books her first session. Keeping in touch with her through major life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the like will help her feel that you’re really invested in her life and create a connection between the two of you.

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2. Create a Secret Facebook Group

Create a closed, secret Facebook Group for your clients. My clients absolutely love interacting in our Boudoir Addicts group, posting everything from lingerie sales to their favorite images from their sessions, and generally just having a great time. They post the day before their session when they’re nervous and excited, and the day after when they can’t wait to see their images. Some of them post photos or videos of their sweetheart opening the surprise boudoir album. They exchange outfit ideas and shopping suggestions and cheer each other on. It’s a fabulous group that never fails to bring a smile to my face. And as a bonus, it takes a lot of the effort of calming nerves off of my shoulders. Instead of texting me the night before that she’s nervous, my client is in the Facebook group chatting and laughing with other women who have been where she is and can help her relax.

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3. Partner with others in your community

Reach out to another local photographer who specializes in the major life events that you yourself don’t photograph. I’ve partnered locally with two photographers, one who shoots weddings, and another who shoots maternity, births, newborns, families and seniors. By working closely with these two photographers, I’ve effectively created a one-stop shop for all of my client’s needs. Yes, she’s going to have to go to another studio for her newborn photos. But by sending her to someone I’ve partnered with, I’ve taken an extra step to ensure they’ll send her right back when it’s time to celebrate with another boudoir session.

Also reach out to other services your clients tend to look for – Spas, Skincare, Boutiques, Lingerie Stores, Plastic Surgeons, Personal Trainers, Wine Bars – and see if they will offer your clients a slight discount or VIP package. My clients appreciate that by working with me they now have access to an entire grab bag of professional services that treat them like VIPs because of their relationship with me.

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4. Throw regular studio parties

By having a monthly event at your studio, you give your clients an opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun, and remember how fabulous being in your studio makes them feel. If possible, collaborate with other businesses in your area to make the party even more memorable – invite a makeup artist to do a lips and lashes bar, a lingerie boutique to do a trunk show, a yoga instructor to teach a few basic stretches, you name it!

By creating a thriving community, your help your clients feel even more at home in your fabulous boudoir world, and as a result you keep them coming back over and over again for more. Have some fun ideas for ways to create community with your clients? Post them in the comments!

Meghan Garner

Meghan Garner is a Bryan, TX based boudoir photographer whose camera travels with her around the world. She is a Certified Professional Photographer known for her intimate, emotional photographic style.

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