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The Twitter Manifesto

I hated Twitter. I thought it was ridiculous. I refused, for years, to be sucked in. And then one day, inspired by a potent combination of peer pressure and boredom, I broke down and gave it a try.
Since then, I’ve had a romance novelist from New Mexico fly all the way to my studio in Edmonton, Canada, and two other women spend a full day in the car driving from the next province, all to experience a session with me. I get messages all the time about someone who is dreaming to shoot with me someday. These amazing women have all found me via Twitter. It’s never going to pay the bills on its own, but it’s gotten me fantastic, interesting friends and clients I wouldn’t otherwise have met.

Legal: I’ve never read a damn thing about Twitter. So it’s possible that my success is a fluke. But here’s the thing- it’s FUN. Twitter is the only social media where I relax and am just myself, in fact. So what do you have to lose?

How to start

Book-clients-with-twitterPINInstall the app on your phone and commit to spending just 5 minutes on it each day—say when you go to the bathroom before bed (you know you have your phone there anyway). Just flip through it naturally: Read some stuff, find cool people to follow, connect with interesting folks you know. Post one or two funny things about your day, and respond to a tweet or two that interests you. Be a person, not a business. Then go to bed and forget about it until tomorrow. Expect it to ramp up slowly.

Make it fun

Twitter is not about business or selling. From what I’ve seen there are three basic ways to approach it: Post one predictable thing per day that people want to see (a photo of a cat, a bad pun, a recipe); be funny and real when the mood strikes; or be informative. Twitter is about witty one liners, ranting about your day, real-time politics and changing the world. And hey, if you’re boring one day that’s okay! Your 140 characters will pass gently into the night and be forgotten.

What’s awesome about Twitter

My Twitter feed is a glorious mix of current events that are hard to find (I got all my Ferguson news there before it was anywhere else), bad puns, smart feminist perspectives, the anti-hipster ravings of the some sentient cows, and updates on the lives of my friends. Twitter consoled me when the cat I’d had since I was 17 had to be put to sleep. It followed along with my adventures in New Orleans. When it’s 4 am and I can’t sleep, there’s always someone to have an insomnia party with me. And best of all …

wait for it …

no nipple police.

I am naked all OVER Twitter’s ass.

How does that get you clients?

Twitter lets me make real connections with interesting people. That’s it. It’s like being at a party—make friends, be interesting, talk about your job occasionally, get clients (if you don’t know how to shmooze at parties comment on this post and we’ll line up another article).

Here’s how I talk about my job:

“Gotta go to work, these hot naked women won’t photograph themselves. #bestlife”

“Shot the most amazing curvy girl today, wanna see?”

“Hey Twitter, wanna see me naked again?”

“Time for work, Imma go get the champagne and lingerie. #boudoirphotographerlife”

And when I photograph someone on Twitter, BOY do they share. And tag me. And share some more. And then everyone else talks about their photos. My clients have all been friends of friends, and I have only about 150 followers- it’s not a numbers game, it’s about real connections.

 So where do I find you?

I have an account just for photos and boudie stuff—that’s @TheDailyGlam and you’re welcome to follow it, but it’s not that interesting unless you like my photos. My personal Twitter account, where all the action is? That one you’ll have to stumble across on your own. 😉


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