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The Sporty Boudoir

Mykayla+PanthersPINMen love their women.
Men love their sports teams.

For a man, mixing these two has mind-blowing potential that is beyond anything lace has to offer. So let us unhook the garter for a moment and instead try on a sports jersey.

It sounds easy enough, but there is a right way and a wrong way to shoot your clients in a sports-related theme. I frequently see boudoir photographers post images on social media of clients in sports jerseys that just miss the mark. Let me explain how…

It is important to understand the tone that we (men) desire in terms of a sexy sports photo

What we want to see:

  • Our lady in skimpy attire with our team’s logo (obvious).
  • Smiles, eye contact, flirtation (maybe not so obvious)
  • Simple, cute, fun, and playful attire. A jersey with cotton bottoms, that’s all you need.

sports-boudoirPINWhat doesn’t work so well:

  • Overly posed and stiff images. Think Maxim, not Cosmo.
  • Crazy high heels, stockings, garters, etc.
  • Taking the sports photo set way too seriously. It should be the most fun set of the day.

In general, men aren’t interested in how nice the surroundings are when mixing sports and women (unless said surroundings are sports related… ie locker room… hubba hubba). We aren’t interested in super edgy and creative lighting. Those things are better served in different photo sets and distract from the task at hand. Besides, that super awesome headboard is going to go unnoticed by a man when a sports logo is in a shot, so don’t waste it on these images.

In short, when shooting for a man in a sports tone, keep it fun and simple. Doing so will deliver what he wants to see and in turn will make your client happy.

Jeremy Igo

Jeremy Igo is an award winning nationally published photographer based in Charlotte, NC. Whether he is shooting a bridal boudoir, fashion spread, or an NFL football game, Jeremy brings his unique vision and personality to the task.

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  • May 13, 2014 - 1:03 PM

    Petra Herrmann - Jeremy – you rock! I love your perspective and of course – your photos ain’t too shabby either.ReplyCancel

  • May 13, 2014 - 9:54 PM

    Leslie - I love that your sample images are what I call girlfriend sexy. Sweet, cute and flirtatious like her guy might only get to second base. Great perspective on this because I usually cringe at sports-themed outfits, but I dig these.ReplyCancel

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