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The Devil is in the Details

Meghan Garner Boudoir PhotographerPINOne of the most common struggles that all photographers experience is that of burnout.

You know the feeling. You’ve taken the same photo over and over and over again and you just can’t do it one more time. All of your sessions are starting to look and feel alike. You’re trapped in artistic rut and want to run away to a tropical island where there’s no such thing as a camera.

We’ve all been there. But here’s the thing: when you’re lucky enough to be a boudoir photographer, you have the entire female body to work with in every session!

Boudoir Photographer Meghan GarnerPINThe female body has been the sole inspiration and subject for much of humanity’s finest works of art over thousands of years of our history. 

Think about what that means! The idea that we could run out of ways to photograph our clients is completely absurd. We have centuries of inspiration to pull from, and countless perspectives to explore.

The problem lies in the fact that we tend to ignore much of what our subjects have to offer.

Like teenage boys, we tend to focus on tits and ass.

Oh, sure, sometimes we throw in a pouty lip or outstretched leg, and occasionally hands and feet (though typically as a prop for shoe or ring shots). But by and large, we’re focused on showing off that hourglass shape with each and every pose. And these are good things to do in every boudoir session – it’s what the client expects, if nothing else. But what about all the rest of her body?

Texas Boudoir Photography Meghan GarnerPIN

There are countless benefits to photographing sensual details.

Detail images provide your client with anonymous images to hang on her walls (and for you to post and share). They also help her see her body in an entirely new light, and encourage her lover (if she has one) to explore new parts of her.

They differentiate you from your competition and show an entirely different set of skills, emphasizing the Fine Art aspect of your work. They can even become the subject of a gallery show or fine art publication, thus increasing your reach and exposure as an artist.

Most importantly, though, they keep your sessions from getting stale and repetitive. The details of a woman’s body are unique to her, and intensely personal. Like fingerprints, by their very nature these images are an intimate exploration of her being.

Boudoir Photography Texas Meghan GarnerPINThe female body is an infinite landscape of possibility.

In your next session, try setting aside a few minutes at the end of the day to create a few unique detail images. Consider the gorgeous lines of her back or the sensual curve of her shoulders. Take a moment to appreciate the vulnerable invitation of her outstretched neck, the graceful arch of her foot, or the gentle roundness of her calves. Explore new angles.

And hey, if you capture something great, come back and share it with us in the comments! We’d love to see what you discover.




Meghan Garner

Meghan Garner is a Bryan, TX based boudoir photographer whose camera travels with her around the world. She is a Certified Professional Photographer known for her intimate, emotional photographic style.

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  • February 22, 2015 - 5:32 PM

    Kara Trombetta - I adore this post Meghan! I used to overlook details entirely. I’ve gotten better about it, but still tend to go with the old lips/shoulder/collarbone standby! Great inspiration! XoReplyCancel

  • February 22, 2015 - 7:33 PM

    Elizabeth Zimmerman - Well done! Thank you Meghan!ReplyCancel

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