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The top 10 best business books and apps for boudoir photographers

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Let’s face it, the entire photography industry is trying to sell you something that will, and I quote: “take your work to the next level.” Whether it’s the must-have actions and Lightroom presets, the 5,000 sets of magazine design templates, the six-figure business secrets or the 1,000 must-have textures, there’s a plethora just oozing to be sold—to YOU.

But what about what’s going to take your business to the next level and make you actual money? It’s time to take matters into your own hands. And, I mean this quite literally: on your iPhone or tablet, with e-books and apps. I am not here to endorse any vendor or sell you anything. I have discovered some apps that are my favorite ways to promote extra time, efficiency, and income for myself.

In no particular order, here are those on my Top Ten.

To start, a book

Spiritual Selling by Joe Nunziata

Don’t let the religious sounding title fool you. This book helps you understand the human psyche, and how people’s spirits are motivated to buy and attracting the “Yes” your way. Told by a veteran salesman who failed as much as he succeeded, it can get quasi-ethereal at times, but overall it will add excellent credentials to your sales repertoire. Available on, I recommend this book to all my brand clients.



for iPad


Image, Courtesy of

Ever hear the Michael Jackson song “Living off the Wall?” Yes, let’s do that. Selling boudoir wall art to your clients is a surefire way to upgrade your sale. Wall art is highly profitable … but often hard to sell. Why? Many times, it is hard for the humble client to envision herself displayed so prominently on the wall in all her 40×60 glory. This iPad app is designed to help you display and size wall art for her, in REAL TIME during your viewing appointment. They call it a “handheld sales room,” and with good reason. At only $74.99 for the app, you can sell an entire gallery and expand her imagination (and your share of her wallet). If you would like to read more about this app, you can read my formal review for Professional Photographer Magazine’s online features, featured here.

Attract Wealth Meditation

for iPad/iPhone & Android


OK, so I will sound a bit eccentric here, but keep an open mind on this one. Nothing adjusts your bottom line upward better than an awesome attitude. This hypnosis and guided meditation app is something you can literally do in your sleep. It is designed to send you subliminal messages that open your mind to attract more wealth and success in its many forms. When I first tried it, unbelievable things started happening. Freakishly, outlandish unimaginable things…Things that filled my bank account! Still skeptical that the app was actually responsible for all this, I began recommending it to my brand consulting clients. Suddenly they too were experiencing unbelievable events, bookings and sales. Call me a hippie, but this thing works. And at only $2.99 for the Pro version you really can’t go wrong. Sleep on it.



My theory is that when I am fully organized, I am fully successful. Organizing oneself is not always a pretty job. (I like things pretty.) This app is a to-do list, deadline maker, and business/life organizer with alarm chimes all in one. And, if you are totally nerdy about getting organized, you can buy an add-on statistics mapper that shows you a big picture of how you are spending your time …pretty charts and all. (I like charts to motivate me.)

Similar app for Android and iOS:

Top Model Release

for iPad

I got sick of leaving my Model Release forms unsigned while on a shoot. This iPhone/iPad app was created by a lawyer (Catherine Hall) specifically for photographers, and contains everything you could possibly need in a model release. It even includes thumbnail “before” headshots and auto-emailed copies to the model/client. The minute I started using this app, I increased my model releases tenfold and became way more organized in archiving them.

Similar app for Android: Easy Release

Pop Photo Poses by Lindsay Adler


Posing feeling a little stale? Pop up your posing. There’s a lot of posing guides out there, but none as handy as this little cheat-sheet right on your iPhone, available in the iTunes Store for $2.99. I love the high fashion posing prompts, technical tips and camera settings it offers. Better posing = better images = more money.


iOS and Android

So this may seem a bit apparent to many, but I only just recently began to understand the potential of having this app on my iPhone. Now before each session I load up ideas specific to the styling, color palette and location of the session. The online “mood board” really helps me communicate with clients when I’m on the go.

Light Meter App by Luxi

for iOS

I cannot tell you how many times I have arrived to a session and realized I left the light meter home. So, one day I searched the app store. Sure enough, you can turn your iPhone into a light meter. How does this make me money? Light meter = Better lighting = better images = better sales.

SquareUp Register

for iOS and Android

This is a controversial one, as I’ve seen forums debate the various credit card processing fees among card providers. But, in my experience, this handy app drives up my sales. How? The transaction is immediate. No second thoughts, impulse buys, or hour-later-phone calls “oh I want to scale back.” Psychologically, they know once they sign this we are already in process. Plus, they think I am techy and cool with my badass iPhone card processor.

Sticky Albums

for iOS and Android

Sticky Album gallery screen shot.PIN

Sticky Album gallery screen shot.

I’ve reviewed this one before for, and I was a featured photographer on their blog. But I’m no shill here. Using it for referrals is not what I’m referring to. It’s my business card in album format. Having my own “app” on my iPhone helps tremendously when I am out somewhere and someone asks me “what I do.” Having an entire album of choice, perfectly displayed my own way, at my fingertips is enormously helpful.

I’ll admit it, I’ve become somewhat of an iPhone Apps junkie. So, as new apps improve my life and business, I’ll be happy to share with y’all.

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    Jillian - I listen to recordings for LOTS of things: wealth, sleep, synchronicity, etc. while I sleep, but didn’t know about an app!.. Is tha app you are recommending from them or another company? I found a few in play store for my phone and iTunes Store for my iPad. Not sure which one you mean. Can you post the company, too, please.

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