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Putting Your Thoughts into Action

Have you abandoned your work station lately? Do you feel as if you have too much going on or too much fumbling around in your mind? Not sure why it seems you are so busy, yet not much is coming to completion?

The answer could be that you have not been letting your actions stem from your thoughts.



The sayings “having your plate full” or “I have a lot on my mind” are terms we throw around a lot as business owners. It is something that comes with the territory on many occasions, especially during busy seasons. However, it seems that they do not always go hand in hand, when in reality they should. If they are not, then are you truly engaged with all aspects of your work or abandoning your station so to speak?

Today as my children go back to school I reflected and realized I was constantly saying how much I had on my mind, yet nothing really happened (business wise) over the summer. Sure I did some writing, I shoot a lot of underwater boudoir, but all those things I kept worrying about needing to get done, never got done.

Example: I have a gallery opening coming up in October. I thought all summer about how I planned to print the pieces, how I would name them, and in what order they should be displayed.

But “thought” was all that happened. With the exception of one piece printed on metal, the rest of the work was just lingering around in my head. Kids now fully immersed in school and here I sit realizing nothing was accomplished with my thoughts. My actions were null and void, yet I kept saying how much I had on my mind.


 There is a Lot of Thinking, and Not Enough Action

If you have a lot going on in your head but yet nothing is is coming from these thoughts, then you are stagnant.

No matter how much is “on” your mind

you are at a standstill if it is only “in” your mind.

This is a common issue with many artists and business owners in that they are thinking about all that needs to be done, but not sure where or what to start on first. All that is happening  is “thinking” about the work that needs to be accomplished, but not settling down to put those thoughts into action.

Take the time to work through quickly the priorities. What is an absolute MUST, and what can wait a few days.


Lots of Action, Not Enough Thinking

On the reverse, if you are always stating you have a “full plate” but not a lot on your mind, than are you truly giving each project its full attention? If you are working several projects at once, but not truly thinking about each of them individually are you really creating the level of output your clients have come to expect?

Take the time this month to reflect on each project and how much thought and care you are putting into it. Or are you just going through the motions or the repetition? Perhaps the routine has caused you to unknowingly treat your clients sessions like a conveyer belt. Is moment you package up her images the last moment you think about her session?



Make August your Bitch

There is a fascinating public speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, that I am sure many of you have heard before. His video about taking back August stuck deep in my head because it is so incredible true. Many people take August off, or slack in this month considerably.  I always took it easy in August knowing the routine of the kids back to school was  challenge. But after seeing this video, I for one will be taking advantage of August next year creating a list prior to the summer of all the thoughts I know will be popping in from time to time in my head. Making sure my thoughts turn into actions, and on the other end, that my actions over the summer are clear and geared towards my clients best interest.



Jennifer Tallerico

Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind 'JT.Noir', is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to, Fine Art Photography. With its darkly romantic, fashion-inspired aesthetics, Jennifer’s work has an almost 'literary sensibility' to it, a 'modern opulence' merged with 'old world' appeal.

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