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Product Review: Pocket Promo Books by FloricolorUSA

As photographers, we’re always on the lookout for new, visually-appealing ways to get, and keep, people’s attention. From wildly blinged-out business cards to fancy accordion booklets, every photographer has a variety of first impression products she’s trying out. Finding the perfect one can often feel like a wild goose chase.

But maybe, just maybe, I’ve found it.

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The keys to a successful first impression product are cost, value, and impact. If you’re spending too much per piece, it’s not a sustainable expense. If the client doesn’t see value in the product, she’s just going to throw it away or misplace it. And if the product doesn’t have a powerful impact, well, neither will you. So with those things in mind, I submit for your consideration:



Here’s the thing about these promo books – they have a BIG impact and, depending on how you design yours, a BIG value, for a low cost. And if you consider that they can potentially replace business cards altogether, that cost comes down even further.

Of course, the value of the book depends on what you put in it. I created one batch that answered clients’ FAQ to hand out at my new studio grand opening party, and that was a huge hit. I’ve reprinted that batch several times to have on hand as a more-informative version of my business card, and I find it works perfectly as a response to “So what exactly IS boudoir photography?”

pocket promo books reviewPIN

I’ve also created bridal boudoir booklets with examples and ideas of what to do with bridal images to surprise an unsuspecting spouse, and these have been a crowd favorite at bridal shows. A batch containing testimonials has served well for my partner vendors to keep on hand for their clients to peruse. I’ve even used them as a brief prep guide to share beauty tips and outfit ideas prior to sessions for nervous clients wanting suggestions. The options are really endless!

Here’s the skinny:



  • Pocket Promo books come in packs of 100, priced at $300 (or $3 a piece, for the mathematically challeneged)
  • Shipping is free (the $300 set of books meets Floricolor’s $250 minimum order requirement for free shipping)
  • Price structure couldn’t be simpler



  • Exceeded my expectations. Given that these little booklets have such a low per-piece cost, I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness and gloss of the cover, the neatness of the binding, and the overall color and print quality.



  • Those of you familiar with Floricolor will know that their ordering system is a bit… quirky. However, I find it very simple once I learned my way around. Essentially, your order is placed via an FTP system (instead of the ROES system you’ve likely seen elsewhere) and I find it works much better. The system walks you through each ordering choice (number of spreads, cover material, etc).  Then, you simply upload your high-resolution spreads and cover files.



  • This company has consistently blown me away with their quick and thorough response to any customer service issues. They’re always ready and willing to make right any mistake that might be made, and they’re on top of communication at all times. They even have a closed Facebook group for customers that allows them another point of contact, and which they monitor constantly.
  • Staff are responsive to email, even with the time difference.



  • 10 business days for manufacture, plus 3 to ship to the midwest USA.
  • There are plenty of quick-print places that claim to match or beat the turnaround time, but in my experience quality is MUCH lower, and turnaround time rarely consistent with promised deadlines. Floricolor is very reliable.



  • This is a very simple product with very simple options. I would love to see a variety of papers and covers available, but doubtless that would have a huge impact on cost.
  • Booklets are designed with a first and last page, 7 spreads, and a cover spread.

In a nutshell

pocket promo books reviewPIN

These little books are incredible useful for a variety of things. They’re small and easy to carry in your purse or camera bag, and I’ve essentially stopped handing out business cards since I include all my contact information on the back of these booklets. Try them out for yourself – see what kind of creative uses you can come up with!


Meghan Garner

Meghan Garner is a Bryan, TX based boudoir photographer whose camera travels with her around the world. She is a Certified Professional Photographer known for her intimate, emotional photographic style.

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