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What’s a metallic canvas and where do I get it?

About a year ago, I saw an announcement that Simply Color Lab was offering metallic canvases. I was a bit intrigued at the term. I had never heard of it before and wondered if it could be interesting for boudoir.

Was it metal? Would it still be like a canvas that my clients like? I really could not envision what it would look like. I did a little search of the market and it seemed that none of the major labs were offering these. None of the images online showed how it would really display.

I’ve always been impressed with Simply Color Lab’s quality, so I decided to just go wild. I took advantage of a canvas sale (they are all priced the same) and bought a 30×40 with a favorite new image.

I was surprised. It was not really what I expected, but had an elegant pearly finish.

Simply Color Lab’s metallic canvas was too subtle for clients to know it was a novelty, but was just special enough to make show them my work looked phenomenal.

It immediately became part of my product offering, this was simply my “new way” of presenting a canvas.

I am thrilled to add this medium to my offering. They are gorgeous, novel and make skin tones and metal, pearl or satin finish surfaces look amazing.

Recently, I asked Jonathan Penney Printmakers if they would plan to carry these and he did. They were the best kept secret, so Jonathan put them into The New Jersey and NYC Boudoir Cate Scaglione Boudoir Collection he features on his site (oh, how I blush Jonathan!). Called the “Philosophie” metallic canvas, I noticed a very different texture and sheen. It looked more metal and less pearly than Simply Color Lab.

Jonathan Penney Adjusts Files to Perfection

Metallic canvases are a new, novel way to show off boudoir images in a fine art fashion.PIN

Metallic canvases are a new, novel way to show off boudoir images in a fine art fashion.

At the risk of sounding political, I actually love both products. They are just…different. Depending on the image, each brand holds its purpose. But, I do love the added artistry Jonathan brings to the equation. After ordering my first from him, I noted it had the true effect of a painted canvas — glossy, textured and artistic. Jonathan had also optimized my file so that the metallic and highlighted areas of the image would sing. Sing, they did. The client loved it and ran her fingers across the metal areas several times, as it actually looked a bit


I don’t like my clients to shop on price alone, so I also follow that principle when I choose vendors. As a boudoir photographer in New Jersey and New York City, my upscale market is saturated. I need to deliver the best goods possible to clientele with high-end homes. Top quality is my first priority always before my cost of goods.

30×40 From Simply Color Lab: $250.51 plus shipping

30×40 From Jonathan Penney: $262 to $277.00* plus shipping
*(includes “Printmaker’s Tweak” option)

Risk-Free Sample & $15 Store Credit

Although Simply Color Lab did not offer a sample of the metallic canvas for me to preview, Jonathan Penney did. For just $5 you can get a sample swatch that shows how an optimized image looks. To get your sample, click here.  You will automatically receive a $15 store credit towards a future purchase!

If you’re itching to also try out Simply Color Lab’s version, they often offr a Buy 1-Get 50% off sale on canvases (sign up for their newsletter). In this case, you can purchase one regular canvas as you normally would and buy a smaller sized metallic for trial.


DISCLOSURE: Although Jonathan Penney carries a collection in my name, I am not financially incentivized in any way to promote or benefit from the sale of these products.

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