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Michael Sasser

Sasser34PINI am Boudoir Photographer in Los Angeles, Ca. I love flip flops and nutella. Sleeping with the windows open is my favorite thing, with eating on a patio as a close second.

Q & A

  • I love that with boudoir I have full creative control. There are so many different things about women that are beautiful, and I can bring out all of them. That and the high a client gets when they leave the studio after their experience.
  • My favorite clients are women who are shy. They are typically the ones who find something in themselves during the shoot they didn’t know they had.
  • I look at another photographers work and find specific elements I like. It could be the lighting, the mood, the way their images say something about the story.
  • Almond shaped eyes, when a woman has only one dimple, and the confidence that anything is possible.
  • 1. A camera. I would be vlogging the whole time. 2. Flip flops. 3. Guitar. No island is complete without a little music. 4. Microwave. I can barely make food in one of these, so without it I would starve. 5. Sunglasses. Don’t you know how bright it is out there?!
  • Casey Neistat. He consistently reminds me to be great, that time is the most valuable thing we have and that when people say you can’t it just means try harder.
  • Honestly. I love LA. It is full of creatives, culture and weather that allows me to be outside every single day. I wouldn’t trade these things for anything. Except family. I might move to be closer to family.
  • I wish for people to spend their time the way they want to, and not the way they have to.