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Sticky Albums (v2): A review

What the heck are StickyAlbums? It’s a mobile app for your clients that allows them to display a gallery of photos you provide on their phones and tablets.. I don’t think these have been quite as popular in the Boudoir genre as they have in Weddings and Seniors. I must admit I have been a subscriber for almost a year now and have not used them to their full potential. Mostly because I’ve been pivoting my business this past year and I’m just getting back into marketing for the pinup/boudoir side of things. Even though they are a mobile app, they do not get downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, you simply send a link to the album and the client gets instructions for making it an icon on their mobile device.

Sticky Albums has recently launched version 2. It was always real easy to use, a nice drag and drop interface. You could have up to five different logins to create multiple brands. The new version has simplified this even more. There is now just one login but you can have multiple brands all under the single login. How do people use these brands? The obvious: you could use one for your boudoir business and another for your senior photography work. Or if you provide photos for vendors as a wedding photographer, you could have a “brand” for, say, a florist to show to her clients … and they are actually seeing your photos.

New Interface

Sticky Albums launched a new drag-and-drop layout in verion 2. This interface improved because it gives you a real time preview of the app on an iPhone, Android or desktop browser. They updated the gallery display into a nice Pinterest-style thumbnail display.


Sales Pull Through

I plan on using this as a pull-through item to bring clients into my mid range and higher packages. This is also a great alternative to sending digital files as they can share the entire albums with their friends and family, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You also have the ability to build promotions into the Sticky Album allowing you to capture e-mail addresses and notify clients of upcoming sales.

Custom Domain

This new feature is incredible. Previously when you published your Sticky Album it would publish with a domain name that Sticky Album uses. You can now create a custom subdomain under your own domain and use that. It’s pretty straightforward to set it up in your domain DNS. I have created and use that for my Sticky Albums.


A huge concern for Boudoir photographers is their clients privacy. With Sticky Albums you have the ability to password protect an album. Here are a couple of test albums I have setup. One normal, one password protected.

Normal Album:
Password Protected:
(password is password)

Let me know what you think and how Sticky Albums might fit into your business model.

Dave Doeppel

Dave is the owner of LA Pinups, specializing in Pinup and Boudoir Portraits in Los Angeles. He has always been a fan of Pinup and Burlesque. He is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom 4/5 and Photoshop CC and loves teaching photographers how to manage their images efficiently from ingesting through export.

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