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Happy Birthday to The Business of Boudoir

Warning:  Mushy editorial from a co-founder ahead.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.30.04 PMPINThat was a year ago. One hundred and forty-four articles ago written by some of the kindest, most talented and generous photographers of our little boudoir niche`.  To say that I’m proud to be part of this collaboration would be the understatement of the year!  In addition to proud, I’m grateful to all the contributing photographers who have been given of themselves by  sharing their thoughts, experience and expertise in order to help others in our genre run successful, sustainable businesses.

I want to take this moment to thank each contributor:  Cate Scaglione, Christine Tremoulet, Critsey Rowe, Dave Doeppel, Erin Schwamb, Heather Walker, Jen Swedhin, Jennifer Tallerico, Jennifer Williams, Jeremy Igo, Kara Trombetta, Lance Taylor, Meghan Garner, Nino Batista, Stacey Hanlon, Stacey Ingram, Stacie Frazier and Star Newman.  Your time and talents and heart are much appreciated.  I’m so very glad that you’ve been a part of this project.

I also want to thank Floricolor USA for being our supporting our vision.

I want to thank Lynn Clark, the ‘other mother’ to this lovechild.  Since my cancer diagnosis six months ago, Lynn has kept our project afloat so that I could concentrate on my treatment and my business.  I will be forever thankful to have her as my partner and friend.

*sniff*wipe glob of snot off my face*

And finally, I want to thank YOU, our reader, for taking the time to stop by to read our words and comment on our posts.    Please continue to visit often 🙂

Dancin the happy dance,






Petra Herrmann

The Business of Boudoir co-founder, Petra Herrmann, owns and operates Bella Boudoir located in Kansas City. In addition to running her studio, Petra also teaches through Level Up, a master class aimed at shooting smart and shooting to sell. Petra is the proud inspiration for FloricolorUSA's Boudoir Collection and is known for her naughty, voyeuristic, and romantic style of capture.

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