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Jeremy Igo

228506_10150180874269520_3272959_nPINJeremy Igo is an award winning nationally published photographer based in Charlotte, NC. Whether he is shooting a bridal boudoir, fashion spread, or an NFL football game, Jeremy brings his unique vision and personality to the task.

Q & A

  • I enjoy hearing the boyfriends or husbands reactions to the photos.
  • Petra Herrmann and Lynn Clark because they are both hot pieces of ass.
  • I will strip away things I have grown comfortable or complacent with. For instance, forcing me to use a lens I rarely use to shoot in a different way.
  • A gorgeous makeup free face and smile.
  • Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, and Kate Upton
  • That I really am not an Adonis in the bedroom. All of this attention is tiring.
  • I don’t take myself so seriously, and neither should you.
  • I wouldn’t. I can name quite a few beliefs that I would give plenty of other peoples lives for, however.
  • Piss poor photoshop technique. It is the thing that angels’ tears are made of.
  • Teddy Roosevelt. That guy would invite foreign leaders to the White House then take his shirt off and challenge them to a boxing match. How can you not love that.
  • You would find me on the beach of my own tropical paradise being served coconut drinks by the lovely natives who just so happen to be all female and gorgeous. Oh, and my family would be there and stuff.
  • I love my family and anyone that friends me on facebook.
  • First I weigh the pros and cons, then analyze them for weeks. Soon thereafter I typically just choose whatever feels right at the time. I am an enigma in that way.
  • World Peace, an end to hunger, and a Seinfeld reunion.

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