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Miss Know It All Says: Bah-lo-ney


Anonymous asks:

“What do you say to your clients to get them to laugh? I always have a hard time with thinking of jokes, etc…”

This is where having a sense of humor comes in handy. Don’t have one? Just pretend. Seriously, I laugh at myself all the time while my friends just usually have a blank stare on their face.

There are a few things that have worked well for me to get a client to relax and laugh though if it just isn’t happening naturally. This will all depend on your comfort level and how silly you are in your everyday life as well as how you want to come across to your client. Will asking your makeup artist if she farted work for you? If not, try something a little more classy. One of my favorites is to get my client to say “baloney” in a sexy voice. What’s actually funny about this is they’ll totally do it but at the end they can’t help but crack up. It also helps relax their face and mouth – double score!


Look up a few short jokes online and memorize them.  Pinterest has quite a few funny sayings that you can easily add to a private board and draw inspiration from.  Just be yourself and think of a funny story you’d share with your girlfriends and tell it to the client.  After all, she’s almost naked in front of you so baring a little for her shouldn’t be too hard.


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