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Get Shit Done Day


For the past month I’ve been up to my eyeballs in cardboard and packing tape. Organizing, packing, moving, un-packing and arranging furniture has all but consumed my life.

*cue the violins*

All the moving b.s. caused me to neglect the part of my life that has a tendency to grow from a small, manageable stack of papers to this enormous, mountain of wrinkled receipts, stacks of unpaid bills and a checking account that won’t balance. These are the things that if I don’t keep them up-to-date or completed on a very regular basis I will avoid them.

Like the plague.  

Like the kind of plague that has you entering receipts in the middle of the night for 48 hours straight because tax returns are due the very next day kind of plague.

I was quickly approaching a critical state of ‘I better do get this done. Now or else”

I remembered having seen little bits on my newsfeed on Facebook about Get Shit Done Day. Ha! Genius!


I put a shout out to some local photographer friends who dread the mundane tasks of running a business just as much as I do and we scheduled our first ever GET SHIT DONE DAY.

Armed with enough coffee to caffeinate a herd of geep, fruit and sugary confections – we each tackled our own pile of “shit” to do and it was quite effective without the usual pain that comes along with the grunt work.

I was able to…

  • reach inbox: 5  (lowered expectations are my friends)
  • reconcile my bank accounts
  • package 3 client orders
  • de-funkify my vacuum cleaner (yes.  it was getting kinda gross)
  • eat 2 cream filled croissants and down 4 cups of coffee

All while gabbing and catching up with friends. Freakin awesome. I’m hoping to host more days like this because it was as much fun as it was productive.

Feelin all organized n’shit,







Petra Herrmann

The Business of Boudoir co-founder, Petra Herrmann, owns and operates Bella Boudoir located in Kansas City. In addition to running her studio, Petra also teaches through Level Up, a master class aimed at shooting smart and shooting to sell. Petra is the proud inspiration for FloricolorUSA's Boudoir Collection and is known for her naughty, voyeuristic, and romantic style of capture.

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