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Fine art series V – Selling Wall Art for the Home

Fit for a Museum

Shooting with wall art in mind can make your ala carte turn into collections faster than you may think. If you can help your client envision herself on the walls before she even sees the final product, then your reveal session will run smoother and more effectively.

Wall art sales from JT NoirPIN

Wall Art for the Home


Her Home, Her Style

Last month, in part IV Building The Surface In Post Production I showed how you can get creative in post with textures and painting. This will really help solidify the want and the need to have that image in a gorgeous ornate frame or metallic canvas to display in her home.  Speaking with her during the consult and the session will help you understand her style. I have canvas and framed wall art in my studio. When I speak about wall art, I observe their reactions when they view each one.

Which one did her eyes light up for?

Which one did her expression change?

What is her home like?

What if her home is more modern and normally a canvas would do? And yet she really loved the ornate frame in your studio?  You can discuss a more subtle version of this frame to blend into her decor.


 So many options, so little time!

Think about it, your session reveals are generally on average an few hours max. The time to get her thinking about wall art is the first phone call. I ALWAYS ask “what would you love to do with your session images?” Not  – “do you want digitals, do you want albums, wall art …. ” –  because these are lead in questions. They hear to many products at once and if they were not sure what they wanted at first, now they are certainly confused.

Ask them an open ended question and then truly listen to their answers as well as  behaviors on what they most desire.  During the session I know already which one I would suggest for wall art and I mention that as we are shooting. The image above with the ornate frame, I knew already when I shot it my client was going to love the look of being art rather than a photograph.

Samples Samples and more Samples

We all know that if we can show the client a sample, get it into their hands, allowing them to feel and connect with a sample, the more likely they will chose that product. You can tell them how pretty a framed piece would be until you are blue in the face, but if you cannot show it to them, you might as well hand over the digital files and call it quits. I highly suggest the Cate Scaglione Collection from Jonathan Penney store. The options range from modern to old world classic style, fit for any decor.

If they can see themselves as art rather than a photograph your job is done. Some clients just  need that permission to go ahead and break free.

And for boudoir photographers, our job is to help them know that permission comes from themselves.




Jennifer Tallerico

Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind 'JT.Noir', is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to, Fine Art Photography. With its darkly romantic, fashion-inspired aesthetics, Jennifer’s work has an almost 'literary sensibility' to it, a 'modern opulence' merged with 'old world' appeal.

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