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Fine Art Series IV : Showing Her What She Really Wants

Know What Works!

The second  greatest part of fine art boudoir is the creative freedom you feel as an artist (the first being your clients freedom to hang her work of art on her bedroom walls)

So how does one show a client that wall art is the new album?

Simple. Know their style, know your frames. JTNoir_FineArtBoudoir_TheBusinessofBoudoir_JonathanPenney_9_2015PIN


Warning! This is going to be a bit of a longer post, but well worth it. So go grab some coffee, put your slippers on and settle in
Don’t Worry I’ll wait…


There is something amazing about each time a new client comes to me saying something such as  “I saw the framed image on Stephanie’s walls! I would love for you to make look like art!” Each time a client hangs your work on her walls, it leads to three actions.

  1. Your client sees themselves each morning as a work of art. It changes her outlook and perspective each and everyday.
  2. You as an artist feel amazing about freeing yet another client from wanting to hide herself
  3. You gain instant advertising

Last month on the series Fine Art Boudoir, I explained the importance of getting samples in the studio.  Now we will find out where and how to get these samples as a staple of your luxury studio.

My Little Secret Circle

OK so as much as I wish I could keep these companies all to myself, it is pretty reasonable to say, they are well known in the industry. Getting your clients to see the value of fine art being hung over the mantle, or even in the bedroom takes more than just a sales pitch. It takes bringing your creation into their home even before it is printed.


Ornate Options for Your Minimalist Client

JT Noir Fine art boudoirPIN

Image Credit Jennifer Tallerico  JTNoir Fine Art Studios


cate scaglione framed 2PIN

Image credit Cate Scaglione

Reinvent Your Craft

For those struggling with keeping afloat while submerged in the over-saturated markets of photography, it is vital to reinvent the way you run your business. For photographer Jerry Tomko of Gerard Tomko weddings, this was the move that set him apart from others in his area.  After feeling the frustration of watching wedding photography become diluted with low priced photographers, he teamed up with Master Printmaker Jonathan Penney to develop a branded fine art look. By combining a distinctively classic edit style along with printmaking on fine art papers in tastefully selected framing presentations, Jerry has been able to avoid the “race to the bottom” and instead, forge a new path in the market, rebranding himself as an artist, not just a photographer.  His customers see the difference, and he is able to easily distinguish himself from the competition and price his work accordingly.

“I have been able to book more of the types of clients that I want to work with,” says Jerry, “and I have simplified my entire workflow by eliminating the myriad of choices; my customers love that!”

Rebranding your Walls

In album building, we encourage more images to fill her dream book. In hanging wall art, it builds from the idea that “less is more” Adding a few key pieces in canvas collage, or even a larger image in a framed masterpiece is going to yield the same sales, yet increase traffic on seeing those images.

Master Printmakers, such as Jonathan Penney are able to bring a wealth of knowledge from the “output side”, and help studios bring new offerings to the market as part of their rebranding.  “Understanding what the possibilities are for edits, paper choices and presentation options is key,” says Penney. He has been able help photographers navigate the possibilities and find what works for them and their customers.  “I’m constantly researching new product offerings that can help them be distinctive in the market as well as highly profitable.”  He touts his latest framed canvas line as just that; a uniquely fine art look, “ready-to-hang”,  with pricing that allows for substantial markups; the framed images in this articles are examples of the product.

 Design Your Way into Your Clients Bedroom

Fundy Software.  They are well known for their intuitive album designs, collage creations for blogging, collaborations for ordering with the highest quality labs and their patented Drop Zone technology design.

If all this was not already fantastic,  in late October 2015 they will be  launching their new gallery previews that can be specific to clients homes. Manual operation for those of us with control issues all the way to the ease of automation perfect for deadlines.  Fundy did away with rigid templates and created this drop zone allowing real time interaction with your clients sitting in their home, or your studio.

What does all this mean to you?

Most clients cannot visualize their image on the walls of their home. We all know that if they can touch and feel an product they are more likely to invest.

Well, same goes for visualization.


They can now SEE the image brought to life  over their bed, on a side wall or even perhaps in the living quarters. You have shrunk the gap between “I think” to “I know” this is the size and placement I have been dreaming about since I first made the call. The gallery preview allows you to “drop” in an image, create a live preview on a stock image room, or even incorporate the clients  image from her home. Many software companies have the ability to preview, but there is no other with the “drop in” technology that rearranges the look based on if you add or remove images. JTNoir_JenniferTallerico_FundySoftware_2015_3PIN Being a template user for years, I was blown away with the idea that the software will rearrange my specs simply by adding more images into the mix. Incorporating this into my workflow during a reveal session will not only cut down on admin time, but also in helping the client visualize without the confusion of “Oh hang on, that template is in another folder” (because nothing like  sifting through templates and images to bring down the energy in a reveal!)

Best part is if you have a wall design you tend to sell most often, you can save the design! (sweet bliss for the control users again!)

Want more amazing information to help your business?

A special webinar with Jonathan Penney and Jerry Tomko will be held onMonday, October 19th at 12:00 PM, limited spots available Click here to reserve your spot

Fundy Software is giving 25% with  coupon code TALLERICO which will be good until 11/15 Click here for your discount

Jennifer Tallerico

Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind 'JT.Noir', is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to, Fine Art Photography. With its darkly romantic, fashion-inspired aesthetics, Jennifer’s work has an almost 'literary sensibility' to it, a 'modern opulence' merged with 'old world' appeal.

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