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Finding your cheerleaders

More often than not, boudoir photographers never ask clients for referrals. We tend to think because a client does not want us to share their images publicly she will not share with her friends privately. Well, let me tell you I have found this is a totally wrong assumption to make.

Trust me, your clients can’t wait to share their smoking hot images with their friends.

Don’t make the mistake I made for the longest time of not asking for a referral.

Not sure how to go about asking? Here are a few ways to help make your clients into your cheering section

  1. When you talk to potential clients, start by planting the seed by asking “How did you hear about me? I get most of my business by referral.” It’s okay if they did not get referred to you. You are just starting to plant the seed so they know you get referred a lot. Even if you don’t when you first start saying it you eventually will.
  2. When a client books with you, send them a welcome to the club email thanking them for booking and let them know you would love to be referred to any of their like minded girlfriends. You can say something like this: “Hello Gorgeous! I am thrilled you chose me to be your boudoir photographer. You will have an amazing experience and I already am excited for you to see your beautiful photos! I am sure you may have confided to your closest girlfriends about your session so I wanted to tell you I would love any referrals you want to send my way!” At this point if you have a incentive plan for referrals that you can add that part in.
  3. Shoot day: now that you planted the seed and already out right asked for referrals tell them again you would love any referrals they want to send your way.
  4. Viewing day: this is another great opportunity to ask for referrals. As they are going gaga over their gorgeous photos tell them if they want to share their experience with their girlfriends you would not mind.
  5. Delivery of product: I always put a hand written note with my clients finished product thanking them and once again reminding them that I would love to be referred.

By this point you may be thinking isn’t that too much? It isn’t because if you ask once they will forget, ask twice and they might remember. By asking nicely and filling it in with other conversations throughout the process it does not seem like that is the only subject you ever talk about. You will more then likely be giving them lots of information and these are just small inserts included with everything else. This is why I mention it so much. It’s all in how you say it and when you say it.

To be honest, I even go as far as asking one more time about a week after I know they gave their photos to their intended. I shoot them an email and ask how their lover liked their photos and bam! I ask again for any referrals they want to send my way.

You will be surprised at just how much business you can receive by word of mouth and the best part is, it is usually solid. Women trust their friends and more and likely are not even shopping around so if they call you as a referral it is going to be a successful booking.

And repeat!

Critsey Rowe

International boudoir photographer Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir® is the best selling the author of "Boudoir Photography- The Complete Guide To Shooting Intimate Portraits". Critsey has been a guest speaker on The Wedding Planning Audiocast, Convention speaker DWF at Imaging USA, Convention speaker WPPI's Road Trip, speaker Pictage Users Group and featured on Mimika TV and many other online resources.

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