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Call for Volunteer Contributors!

We are looking for contributors to write about the business & art of boudoir photography.

Please read the following info, and if you’re interested, please email me at with your name, a link to your website, and a couple of ideas that you’d like to write about.


1. Create publication-ready content including posts of 500-2000 words and your own work to illustrate (at least 1 photo per post).

2. Commit to writing one or more of the following:
–a 3-6 part series of posts on a single topic, published weekly, biweekly or monthly.
–6 posts on a variety of topics within our defined categories, published biweekly or monthly or as you can over 1 year.

3. Share your posts on social media, including in various boudoir photography Facebook groups.


* You are an established boudoir photographer, as evidenced by a legitimate website that shows a portfolio of original work.

* You can write with clarity, a flow from topic to topic, with a compelling introduction, subheads and keywords. Your work should be free from spelling and grammatical errors, including incomplete sentences (unless used for making a point), run on sentences and passive voice.

* You can use WordPress without assistance beyond initial training, including uploading photos, using categories and setting tags.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark is co-founder of The Business of Boudoir. She's a boudoir and portrait photographer in Denver, Colo. with a mission to help every woman bare her beauty ... and leave with an amazing photo of her own ass (because let's be honest, we ALL want an amazing photo of our own asses.) She brings 25 years of communications background in writing, websites, public relations and strategy to The Business of Boudoir. She's also available for 1 on 1 website evaluation, content creation and editing.

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