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Bringing Back Fine Art in Boudoir Portraiture

Fine art boudoir is not a modern concept. Dating back centuries ago even before the time of Albert Arthur Allen, the female form has always been a interest for artists around the globe. As time has gone on, the definition for fine art has become just as blurred as the definition for boudoir itself.

Why Fine Art?

So why would I suggest getting into a sub-specialization …
inside of a specialization …
inside of a genre …
already difficult to define?

Simply because fine art boudoir takes on a whole new level for your playing field. It creates a separation from reality and allows your client to submerse herself in a timeless piece of art. It allows the introverts to feel free to hang that image on the wall. It allows the extroverts a new style. But more importantly, it allows anyone to feel they are part of art rather than “on display.”

Fine Art Boudoir by Jennifer TallericoPIN

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in New York but it was not until my  college choice of UF in sunny Florida that landed me here for good after one winter. My love of the classic artists developed my style over time into a fine art boudoir photographer. I am self taught in photography with a BA in anthrolopgy and masters in engineering.  JT Noir Fine Art Studios has been in business for over 5 years thriving in  small town Palatka Florida.

Movement into Fine Art Photography

The definition of fine art is a visual art practiced mainly for its beauty and aesthetic value rather than a functional value. This was to be applied to drawings, paintings and sculptures. However with technology on the rise, photography has made its way into the fine art community. Where at one point in time fine art had a rigid definition, modern day has continually extended this definition to allow for new media to be incorporated in this term.

(Now of course we are speaking in terms of individual private client sales. This idea of fine art in boudoir is not a gallery sales income generator. That is a whole different ball game when you want to get your fine art photography into a gallery, most which will not even consider your piece unless you take, develop and print yourself).

Impact Now and the Future

In fine art boudoir, it is not just a look. It is the entire experience from start to finish. The key to fine art boudoir is to captivate your viewer back in time.

In the next few months I will be writing:

  • is your client right for fine art boudoir
  • achieving the look
  • what it means in terms of settings, wardrobe, expressions and emotions
  • paper choices, archival properties and display options
  • how to incorporate fine art into your marketing and sales
  • how to allow fine art to flow into your other types of sessions (i.e. glamour)

Art Appreciation Class Drop Out

I will admit, in college I dropped this class. Mainly because we are told that artists will never make it, and I replaced it with more science curriculum. However, over the years I found myself drawn to book after book about art in history rather than than my studies. The renaissance, baroque, romanticism movement and even a quick look into surrealism. For years I studied the classics and how the female form was appreciated in each era.

Understanding the classics is the first step to understanding your own take on fine art. Which era do you most relate to? Which painter holds your attention with regards to posing and lighting?

I challenge you to research an artist of your choice to determine what your appreciation consists of in art history. Exploring them not just for the technical aspect, but now for finding that connection between them and your own artistic nature.


 JT Noir Studios Fine Art BoudoirPIN

JT Noir Studios Fine Art Boudoir

Jennifer Tallerico

Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind 'JT.Noir', is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to, Fine Art Photography. With its darkly romantic, fashion-inspired aesthetics, Jennifer’s work has an almost 'literary sensibility' to it, a 'modern opulence' merged with 'old world' appeal.

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