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Using Video in Boudoir Photography

Have you ever thought about the different ways you could use video in your boudoir photography business? I have. All the time. And I’ve broken them down into three essential applications for improving your brand, booking more clients, and increasing your sales. 

Video is the ultimate in “show, don’t tell” to help prospective clients connect with you

We run a business that is based on emotion. It can be powerful for someone to read a testimonial, but it is even MORE powerful for someone to hear a past client talk about their experience and see the joy in their expressions, and sometimes even the tears in their eyes of what an amazing experience this can be. Hearing you speak and watching your mannerisms can build trust for your client. Watching you directly pose is SO much more powerful than reading the sentence “I promise I’ll teach you how to pose from your fingertips to your toes.”

Video adds to your sale

Increase your sales with only an hour of additional work. Videos are an amazing add on, and contrary to popular believe they don’t take much more time. You already have the client there for the shoot. With some practice you can get your editing time down to under an hour to have an amazing product to sell.

Video helps you build relationships … and your business

Video is not just something you can sell to your clients. It is something you can use to build relationships with other vendors. I personally do promotional videos for my makeup artists for them to put on their website. This helps them book more, and in turn they refer me more. It is the same idea as doing their headshots, but it is something so few other photographers can offer. This allows you to stand out. Here is an Instagram clip I shot for a Makeup Artist while at a shoot. She shows this to everyone!

Quick Tips to Get You Started Shooting Video

Video is really something you have to practice to make it second nature. It is no different from photography in this way. Here are 3 tips to get you started. I’ll be writing a lot more about this topic, too, with examples.

Create a Story

Think of shooting video the same way as shooting still images for an album. In photography, you have to get a variety of images to sell more pages. The same applies to  video. You have to get variety of angles and clips to show more of the story. To do this, shoot a scene-setting segment that shows the space. Shoot a segment from behind her, in front of her, a close up, focus on the details of her lingerie, her collar bones, her lips. Shoot from above her, below her. Get different expressions. Typically you will only use 3-5 seconds of an angle, so don’t stay in the same place for too long. I usually count to three in my head when I’m getting a shot, and then change my either my composition, my lens or my angle.

Stabilize Your Camera

You will have to buy either a monopod or tripod. Or, do these 4 things to get stable camera footage with no extra gear.

  • Instead of holding the camera out like a point and shoot, keep your elbows in close to your body.
  • Find a wall, table or other surface to rest your body weight against.
  • Shoot at 60 fps to slow down your footage will create the illusion of stabilized clips.
  • Use stabilization in your video editing software to take care of any extra jitters that still exist.

Record Good Audio

To record a client testimonial or to record yourself talking about a new product, don’t use your camera’s built-in mic. It’s about the worst quality possible. I highly recommend the Rode Shotgun Micro$74. This mic mounts to the top of my camera, and it’s directional so wherever I point the camera it picks up sound from that direction. Since we can’t often put a microphone on our boudoir subjects, having a directional mic is definitely useful.  There are more expensive options, but honestly, this mic is the best value I have found for the money.

So get out there and shoot lots of video … and not just boudoir. Set up small projects for yourself around the house and with your friends to practice. Then when your client shows up you will be comfortable with your gear, comfortable with your settings and ready to focus on your client.

I have a full course on shooting video for boudoir available at
It show’s you how to create amazing videos for higher sales, booking more, and improving your brand.


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