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How I create reveal slideshows in Windows Movie Maker

Many photographers I know like to slowly transition their boudoir photography clients into their ordering appointments with a slideshow of images. There are lots of solutions out there to create fancy slideshows, but I prefer to keep mine simple–and FREE. How? I use Windows Movie Maker, free software for PC. (If you’re on a Mac, there’s also iMovie, but I’m not Mac-tastic.)

Using just the basics, I’m able to create a perfectly good boudoir slideshow in about 5 minutes, including exporting images and creating a custom name card in Photoshop for each client. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year on Animoto? This may just be your cup of tea.

A few notes for you:

  1. I export my images from Lightroom  at 1900px wide and 72ppi since I show my slideshows on my flat-screen TV.
  2. I create my client name card in Photoshop from a psd that I simply open and change the previous client’s name in, then expert as a jpg.
  3. I include my client’s entire gallery in color.
  4. The song I use is called Revival. Artist: Fischer. Source: Triple Scoop Music
  5. I do offer my slideshows for sale since I own the rights to the music (note: don’t use music you haven’t licensed … it’s theft). I also include it in my largest collection and offer it on occasion as an incentive to increase the sale.

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Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark is co-founder of The Business of Boudoir. She's a boudoir and portrait photographer in Denver, Colo. with a mission to help every woman bare her beauty ... and leave with an amazing photo of her own ass (because let's be honest, we ALL want an amazing photo of our own asses.) She brings 25 years of communications background in writing, websites, public relations and strategy to The Business of Boudoir. She's also available for 1 on 1 website evaluation, content creation and editing.

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