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The Business of Boudoir co-founder, Petra Herrmann, owns and operates Bella Boudoir located in Kansas City. In addition to running her studio, Petra also teaches through Level Up, a master class aimed at shooting smart and shooting to sell. Petra is the proud inspiration for FloricolorUSA's Boudoir Collection and is known for her naughty, voyeuristic, and romantic style of capture.

Is bigger better?  Does size really matter? Well.  Uh.  Yeah.  In all things – particularly wall art. I consider albums to be the meat and potatoes of my product line.  In fact, half of my gross receipts come from album sales. The remaining revenue comes from what I consider to be add-on sales, the gravy, if […]

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For a long time I had a 100% privacy policy. Still, I have a hard time asking for permission to share client images because it is my belief that the images I’m commissioned to capture are private by their very nature. This privacy policy often made blogging difficult as I had no images to share. […]

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