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Lynn Clark is co-founder of The Business of Boudoir. She's a boudoir and portrait photographer in Denver, Colo. with a mission to help every woman bare her beauty ... and leave with an amazing photo of her own ass (because let's be honest, we ALL want an amazing photo of our own asses.) She brings 25 years of communications background in writing, websites, public relations and strategy to The Business of Boudoir. She's also available for 1 on 1 website evaluation, content creation and editing.

Back in early 2012, my life looked like this: Full-time job, part-time boudoir business, kid, husband, no sleep, always sick, hating my life. I wrote about process of changing my life here. On Feb., 29, 2012, I quit my career and jumped into my photography business full time … about 14 months earlier than I planned. […]

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Let me start by saying I’m not a lover of change. I’ve stayed in relationships and jobs and feuds well beyond their expiration date. (I blame my moon in Taurus.) Until April 1, 2012, I worked full-time in a corporate journalism career I effectively began when I was 14. I rose in rank through sweat, tears, and […]

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When I read Facebook boudoir group posts, I often see photographers puzzled about how to get more real client work on their websites. I used to be that person, until the end of last year when I completely changed how I ask clients to use their photos. It comes down to planting the seed, using […]

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