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Jennifer Williams has been obsessed with boudoir photography since she started shooting boudoir in 2009, and her passion for helping women feel beautiful is evident in every aspect of her business. She is also excited to help other photographers grow their businesses to be successful and rewarding. Jennifer's high end luxury boudoir studio is located in Vancouver, Canada.

From: Angela Woolridge // Angela Woolridge Portrait Q. If you were building a new studio or searching for a new location would you choose north-facing windows? A. This is a great question as I see photographers talking about this pretty often. I think the decision of what direction your windows face depends entirely on where the […]

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Taking time off can be one of the scariest things to do as a small business owner.  I also think it’s the most brushed off piece of business advice out there. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with the mentality that ‘I need to work as much as possible to make money’ or ‘I can’t afford […]

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If you want to make every client love you, caring about them is absolutely the number one most important part of running a successful boudoir photography business. If you’re not willing to actually give a shit about your clients or their experience, then you can stop reading right now. Everything I am going to tell you […]

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