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Jennifer Tallerico, the artist behind 'JT.Noir', is known, throughout the International Boudoir Photography Industry and the region for her unique approach to, Fine Art Photography. With its darkly romantic, fashion-inspired aesthetics, Jennifer’s work has an almost 'literary sensibility' to it, a 'modern opulence' merged with 'old world' appeal.

Have you abandoned your work station lately? Do you feel as if you have too much going on or too much fumbling around in your mind? Not sure why it seems you are so busy, yet not much is coming to completion? The answer could be that you have not been letting your actions stem […]

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When it is ok to say NO. Ever worry that maybe you will never become the niche you always dreamed of? That you would always have to take on every client that calls simply because fear eats away at your financial mindset after starring at that “piggy bank”? After recently speaking at a convention on […]

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