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I am an always on the move, wandering Gypsy of a Navy wife. I have an amazing and supportive husband and son who I adore. I love fiercely and freely. As the owner of Gypsy Boudoir in Charleston, South Carolina, I am working with women to realize that beauty has no boundaries or reservations.

If you’ve been keeping up with me throughout all of my posts, we are finally getting to the nitty gritty of moving your business. You’ve purged, organized, packed, and schlepped. You’ve reworked your business plan and made a set of financial goals. You haven’t forgotten where you came from (or your clients), but it’s time […]

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Erin Schwamb is writing a series for The Business of Boudoir about how she has successfully moved her photography studio as a military wife. Installment No. 1 is here, and Installment No. 2 is here. By this step in moving your boudoir studio, your nerves are probably being tested, your house is in utter chaos and […]

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Nowadays it seems harder and harder for professional photographers to make their business a success in an ever growing and saturated market. Not only do you have to have the skill set and a creative eye, you have to have a mind for business and a sharp sense of organization. Over the last few years […]

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