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Star Newman

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I’m a mom and an artist, a dancer and a writer and a dreamer and of course, a boudoir photographer in Edmonton, Alberta.  I am inconveniently passionate and defy moderation.  I love to shoot in beautiful old places full of history, and indulge myself in yearly client retreats that combine boudoir photography with amazing adventure and friendship.



I love light so much I can’t separate myself from it; I get distracted watching it play over a friend’s face during coffee and grey days sap all my strength.  The golden light that slants in under storm clouds moves me so much I sometimes have to pull over so I don’t cause an accident.
If you had zero restrictions, where would you live and how would you spend your time?
I would- and someday I will- travel overseas to work in India and Africa, using my camera to build awareness of the pervasive poverty and injustice so much of the world still faces and my medical skills to help in immediate, tangible ways to right those wrongs.
Who do you love?
I love easily and often- as often as I can. My friends, my family, people I’ve met whose wise words have had a deep impact and people I haven’t met whose lives I’d like to touch.
How do you make choices in your life?
I leap off of cliffs and hope I’ve grown wings.  Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is “Start before you’re ready.” It’s served me well so far.