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Stacie Frazier

photo 4PINStacie Frazier is a Las Vegas boudoir photographer, speaker and author. Known for her use of dramatic lighting and sexy posing, she draws clients from around the globe. She’s a fan of personal projects, from No-Makeup sessions to Boudoir Selfies, to keep her creativity sparking. Visit too see her work, to find out where Stacie is teaching/speaking next.

Q & A

  • Creating the best experience possible for my clients! I am so proud to play a part in helping women raise their self-confidence and capture their individuality, while also portraying them in an honest manner. My goal is to bring out the inner and outer beauty I sees within every client, and hope to open their eyes to how beautiful, sexy, and confident they really are! Seeing the result in the transformation is priceless!
  • I have a fantasy of photographing Oprah Winfrey. She has been photographed many times before, but I think she’s overdue for a sexy boudoir session, don’t you?
  • By stepping away from the computer! I literally have to force myself to go to lunch with a friend or to do something as simple as taking a walk. But, I know that by doing these things, that I will come back recharged and ready to take on the World.
  • The kind of beauty that isn’t typically portrayed in the Media. Someone with a unique look, with characteristics that we commonly don’t associate to a true beauty, but who has confidence galore. THAT is beauty. Owning who you are, whether it’s typically celebrated or not. Because, as Amy Schumer recently said, “You don’t get to decide if I am beautiful or not – I do”. And when we finally realize that, we can stop anyone in their tracks!
  • 1. Sunblock – I would need a HUGE supply of this!
    2. Red lipstick – every girl needs a good dose of glamour every now and then.
    3. My Maltese, Mazzy – Man’s Best Friend, duh!
    4. iPad (with the ability to use the internet – ha!) – for entertainment…books, movies, music!
    5. A beautiful, multi-purpose Sarong – to use as clothing, blanket, hammock, head attire or as a flag to wave to passing boats to rescue me!
  • I dislike gossip. Bleh.
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • I would live wherever I happened to find myself traveling to next.
  • Everyone, unless they teach me not to.

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