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Stacey Ingram

Stacey IngramOriginalPINHey there!  My name is Stacey and I am a full time boudoir photographer located in North Carolina that specializes in a classy yet edgy boudoir style for everyday women.  As of 2014, I have been a boudoir photographer for four years, turning it into my full time career in the fall of 2012.

When I’m not shooting boudoir I can usually be found cuddling with my cats, talking to my cats, chasing my cats, feedin…well, you get the idea.  I dig cats.  I also dig whiskey.  A lot.  I love curling up with a good book or playing games.  I’m rather introverted but love meeting new people.  Especially if they have cats or whiskey.

Q & A

  • Angelina Jolie. I know it sounds cliche but she is the epitome of the type of fierce women I wish to photograph every day. Classy, edgy, badass independent, confident, brilliant.
  • The juxtaposition of beauty and decay. I love seeing opposites and how they can work off each other to create something beautiful. Leather and lace. Smooth and gritty.
  • Whiskey. A cat. Sunscreen. Mascara. A knife.
  • Do no harm.  But giving my life for that may just contradict that thought.

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