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Nino Batista

ninobatista_class_selfie_tour_600x400PINGlamour, portrait and exotic automobile commercial photographer and retoucher, based in Houston, TX and serving anywhere in the world. I teach photography and retouching around the country as well.



Q & A

  • Honestly, I take a break. Within reasonable business limits, I take a break at times by deferring session inquiries and leaving 1 to 3 weeks open without booking anything. Of course, there is plenty to do in that time frame still when you run a business, but *not* shooting to me is extremely inspirational – usually – by the time I shoot again.
  • My camera and 50mm, those are 2 for sure. Beyond that, I would die without music, so gotta go with my iPod (I’ll overlook the batteries dying thing) and my Chucks.
  • There’s enough of that to go around, at least from what I’ve seen online, so I’ll let it do its thing. I’m not nearly as creative with it as others seem to be. 🙂
  • Without any hesitation or doubt, my wife and kids. And not just because I am saying it just to say it. They are my entire life. 🙂
  • Call me a romantic dreamer, but hey can’t we all just get along? Dig…