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Mistie Simone

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I have been a Boudoir photographer in Southern California for nearly six years. My methods of shooting and doing business may be vastly different in some ways from other photographers you know. My super power is making money. My mantra is I will teach you to love yourself as you are now without being photoshopped.

Q & A

  • For me, it’s the photo session itself. I love connecting with someone and helping them re discover themselves, or in a lot of cases discover their beauty for the very first time. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I get paid for changing women’s lives every day.
  • Books are a must have. So is unlimited music via spotify. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes the taller and more sparkly the better. My husband and my two babies. But the numb one most important, and the only way you will ever see me on a desert island is if there is a five star hotel.
  • I believe in the Darwin theory. Bubble baths are the secret to happiness. Beauty is power. Never be afraid of high heels and red lipstick. 5 star hotels are the only way to travel. I want to live in a world where shoes are free. “Never accept anything without question. Never ignore an inner voice that tells you something can be better. Even when other people tell you it’s ok.”-Sinatra. Being feminine is not the same as being weak. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she is judged by her worth. Not her pant size.
  • None. I believe that life should be valued above everything else. Living is the greatest gift we have and we should not be willing to give that away for anything less than to save another life.
  • What breaks my heart? A woman with no confidence or concept of how perfect she is at this very moment, just the way she is now. The thing that makes my heart swell is being the person who gives that to her.


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