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Kara Trombetta


I’m Kara Marie: a perky, quirky, Austin-based boudoir photographer to the AWESOME {hiding behind the alias of Click Chick}. I pride myself in the top-notch experience I provide my clients and my ability to make even the most insecure woman feel like a supermodelin’ badass. And I love chocolate. Like…a lot.

Q & A

  • While it’s a toss-up, my favorite part of the boudoir experience is definitely the squealing noise that my clients make while simultaneously clapping like a toddler when they see their preview images!
  • Wind-blown hair, sun-kissed skin, minimal makeup, glowing from the inside out, confident women stop me in my tracks.
  • My phone. A cellular tower of some sort so I could use my phone. My camera. A hammock. A jungle warrior type who could keep me well-fed and sheltered because you KNOW my ass would die in a heartbeat if it were up to me.
  • The Dalai Lama. For sure…the Dalai Freaking Lama. He’s insightful, has the wisdom of a thousand years of life, patient, and happy. SO happy that he makes you smile just looking at him.
  • Impulsively. SUPER impulsively. I go with my gut instinct and don’t even consider the alternative. This is a blessing and a curse, as you could imagine.