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Jennifer Williams

jenniferPINJennifer Williams has been obsessed with boudoir photography since she started shooting boudoir in 2009, and her passion for helping women feel beautiful is evident in every aspect of her business. She is also excited to help other photographers grow their businesses to be successful and rewarding. Jennifer’s high end luxury boudoir studio is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Q & A

  • When my clients hug me after their shoot and then go home and write me a killer testimonial. Knowing I’ve made a difference in another woman’s life is exactly why I am in this business.
  • Every time I have encountered a creative block, the first step I take is to book a few days off. I get overwhelmed with running a business and definitely get stuck in ruts. I will also try to attend a workshop, watch something on CreativeLive or just talk to someone I admire to get some inspiration. Usually my blocks stem from being overwhelmed, so adequate rest (mind + body), sunshine and fresh air usually does the trick.
  • Seeing absolutely beautiful women just cut themselves down with self-critique is what breaks my heart daily. Having someone burst into tears and squeal with excitement because she is so happy with the way she looks in her images is what makes my heart swell with joy.
  • I would probably split my time between Los Angeles and New York. Both are amazing cities, full of life, spirit and charm. I would love to be more involved in art, fashion and culture and feel that I could do that in LA and NYC.
  • I rely on my intuition a LOT. I know it might sound kooky but if something doesn’t feel right then I know it’s not right for me. I’ve been burned many times by not trusting my gut. When something makes me excited and giddy, I know it’s something I need to pursue.

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