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Jennifer Tallerico

Fine art boudoir photographer in Florida from new York. I am captivated by the classics yet drawn to modern ideas. Former anthropologist and scientist, I take a different approach to my work. I strive to create imagery that speaks to both sides of my analytical and creative mind. I can get just as excited about Renoir as I can Faraday.


  • The connection. I am by nature a very shy individual until you truly get to know me. So when I am in this amazing part of a client’s life, the connection between us creates my own inner peace.


  • Research. As a former scientist I always fall back on the research method for gaining new inspiration. Studying the classic artists as well as learning their methodology for creating a masterpiece gives me a new perspective on my own work.


  • I am so in love with a confident person. Not the arrogant kind,  but the kind that says “I am not better than you I am just a better me”


  • To always create my own happiness. We have a saying in our home “FIO” “Figure It Out” I am a firm believer that there is nothing I cannot figure out or do on my own. I teach my kids the same concept. The idea of entitlement does not exist in my home. If you cannot figure it out on your own, it was not meant to be done.