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Jenni Smithberger

jstbobsPINHi! I’m Jenni and I own Modern Luxe Studios near Cleveland, Ohio. I live for my hubs, my cats and spending all my money at Sephora. I’ve been obsessed with capturing beauty on camera since I was 16 and I’m so grateful to get to do what I do.

Q & A

  • I love the viewings! Seeing a client see themselves, have an emotional response and then get paid for something that is already so rewarding is a culmination of all of my favorite elements of this job.
  • That friendship trumps everything. My friends are my family and I’ve been known to be a little over protective. If I died for anything it would be in defense of my people.
  • If money wasn’t an issue and I could do anything I would live somewhere on the Mediterranean sea in a small town, writing poetry, selling home-made sweets and shooting free sessions for deserving women. OR I’d be a mermaid. Is mermaid an option?
  • I’m both impulsive and decisive. I decide I want something and I just do it. I met my husband and knew I’d marry him on the first date. I decided to shoot boudoir on my own and when arrangements with a hotel space were getting messy I just signed a lease on a studio for a year. Things will work out or they won’t. I’ve seen failure before and I’m not afraid of it. I’m relentless and I get what I want.