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Erin Schwamb

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I am an always on the move, wandering Gypsy of a Navy wife. I have an amazing and supportive husband and son who I adore. I love fiercely and freely. Currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, I am working with women to realize that beauty has no boundaries or reservations.

Q & A

  • I think my favorite part of the boudoir experience would have to be the reveal. The fact that I am able to sit with a woman who has most likely thought more bad thoughts than good about her physical self and see those thoughts melt away is the ultimate high for me. Having clients who walk up to the TV I am broadcasting her images on and trace the curves of her body, not in disgust, but with tears in her eyes and a smile while telling me she loves every single one is why I do what I do.
  • The idea of being stuck on an island with only 5 things scares me. My loves, hates, and everything in between change as the wind blows! I think if I HAD to choose though, my top 5 would be:

    1) Patrick & Jane spiced chai lip balm (fab!)

    2) Collection of Jen Lancaster memoirs (sarcasm at it’s finest)

    3) music– MUST have an i-pod stocked full of great tunes

    4) a fabulous Bowie knife a la Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee

    5) totally decked out tent because as much as I love nature, sleep should include no bugs.

  • If I had zero restrictions and unlimited money I would never settle in one place. I know in my heart I would spend my time moving throughout the different countries of the world taking in the sights, learning about the culture, and making new friends with the locals. There are too many beautiful places in this world worth seeing to ever stay in one place permanently.
  • World Peace.

    No, but seriously…..I wish for:

    Cupcakes with no calories, no sand in unmentionable areas after spending the day at the beach, and enough sense to know when to walk away if things aren’t good. Unfortunately since none of the above have happened yet, I’ll have to continue wishing on shooting stars and birthday candles.

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