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Cate Scaglione


My former career in commercial advertising allowed me to travel the globe and direct beautifully epic campaigns by world renowned photographers. But something was missing. It was my own inner artist with her own purpose, and she was dying to create. Creative entrepreneurship is my nirvana. My NJ-based business model is based authenticity, with an emerging specialization in boudoir paintings.

Q & A

  • I am very much drawn to deep, passionate souls. I see more beauty in that, than a very pretty facade. If it’s a celebrity for example, she’d be the less “obvious” icon of beauty or sensuality. I’d love to be the first photographer to capture her reveal them her that way, showing a sexy, romantic side of them that perhaps no one has seen before. Even if I had to go back in time, some examples that come to mind; Amelia Earhart, the late Princess Diana, or modern day women like Adele, Ellen DeGeneres… I could go on and on.
  • I consider myself an enviromental potrait artist, often photographing my subjects as a part of, and immersed within their surroundings. Therefore, I a’m pretty intoxicated by beautiful settings, props and spaces, especially things with rich history. It can be an old crumbling house, antiques, a garden, or an awesome set of fabrics. Special spaces and places move me emotionally.
  • My laptop (w/Wacom still attached — I’m cheating), A Canon with a 100mm Macro lens, mascara, a venti starbucks, and the guarantee of a hammock.
  • I wouldn’t.The older I get, I feel like I’m starting to care less what people say and think about me…for better or worse.
  • Be a good person and create a full life. Creating a full life, I enable my creation of beautiful art. By creating beautiful art, I am creating a prosperous business. Everything will happen exactly the way I create it to be.
  • The guarantee of my children’s happiness & success… by whatever definition they assign to their own happiness & success.

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