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About the co-founders

This is Our Lovechild

Petra Herrmann and Lynn Clark are the co-founders of The Business of Boudoir. They met on Facebook in 2011, and after a brief exchange that almost made Lynn cry (until she got Petra’s sense of humor), they became friends and collaborators in real life. Petra and Lynn, with the help of the very generous group of contributors want to change the world of boudoir photography one blog post at a time.


The Idea

Petra: “It started as an idea, just one of those random thoughts that kinda stuck around in my head and grew roots. Then that random thought came up in one of our gazillion random phone conversations. Apparently Lynn thought it was a grand idea because we started looking at available urls with random names thrown about. I jotted them down on a piece of paper, this would have to keep until after my trip to 2014 WPPI  that was rapidly approaching.”

Lynn: “Petra and I have had long, what-if conversations about the state of boudoir-specific information and education out there. We’ve both been active in various Facebook groups and professional associations, but they felt lacking, especially as we’ve both grown in skill and experience. We both wanted to create a place where boudoir photographers—from aspiring to advanced—could come to learn, grow and share, and where the information wouldn’t get lost in a thread of comments.”

Petra: “While in Vegas the idea wouldn’t stop growing, this is going to happen! What I envisioned was bringing together the boudoir photographers whose work I respected and whose businesses were flourishing in one place, to share their knowledge, share their triumphs and even their hardships. To my mind, we’re all on the same path, some of us a bit further in our journey than the next, I hope that The Business of Boudoir will help those in each phase of their journey, with not only solid advice but also commiseration and a giggle or two.”

Jeanine Thurston Photography_CLARK_14_02_14_1007-3OriginalPINLynn: “I’ve been lucky to have found a group of amazing photographers who have been there to give me advice on my journey to running a sustainable boudoir studio. With few exceptions, I’ve seen the boudoir community as a place full of experts who are willing to share, help and teach. I’m really excited about how many of those people are among our contributors.”